It's a neighborhood event - and we're zero why don't you and your friends stroll on down to 32nd and Osceola for the evening's event!

BY bus

The 32 will run uninterrupted - feel free to jump aboard!

SCOOTER or bike

What better way to arrive to an outdoor event than by enjoying an outdoor vehicle. We hope you help us with this zero-waste event - by your zero waste transportation.


There's plenty of on the street parking - but not on Osceola Street. Limited parking is available on 32nd Avenue and loads of parking on other side streets.

The Taste of Highlands is located at the parking lot of Highlands United Methodist Church parking lot - best recognized by the creatively painted Garage. Learn more about sponsors The Made Shop who designed the look of The Garage below.

getting there

The Garage

Art mural designed by The Made Shop

The Made Shop designed the mural for their neighbors at The Garage, located just down the street from their new design studio. Bright colors form abstract geometric patterns that wrap the entire building. Elements of the Colorado landscape sit playfully alongside abstract urban neighborhood scenes to create a new landmark in the Highlands neighborhood: a place for the local community to gather that also visually represents Colorado's diverse community and environment. To paint the final mural, The Made Shop first outlined the design on the building in black lines, marking each shape with a color code—essentially turning the whole building into a paint-by-numbers coloring book. They then invited anyone and everyone in the neighborhood to come out, hosting a weekend-long painting party where everyone could have a hand in creating the final piece.